About Me - Chris Martin

My employment background prior to dog walking has been in factory work, mainly as a supervisor / team leader for half of a factory shop floor. Although this role was clearly set in a very different environment to dog walking, that experience taught myself many transferable skills that apply very well to my current role of dog walker – such as micro-managing / leading groups of individuals & personalities, overseeing health and safety, and generally working hard to fulfil clients' requests to a high and professional standard. I like to think that my personality traits are: (very) passionate, dedicated, hard-working, thorough, professional and “down to earth”, and hopefully fun!

Myself & the family pooch "Tansy"

As for my involvement with doggies, my parents always had a dog in our family since my early childhood through to present day – so I have approximately 30+ years of experience with the family pooches. I naturally grew a strong bond and love for dogs from this environment, which provided a solid basis for my desire to not only work with dogs, but to learn more about the world of dogs in general.

I decided to become professionally involved with dogs in late 2016 when I felt a strong desire to take my life in a completely new direction. I simply felt that I had more to offer the world than unskilled work, and when I asked myself what I’d like to do in life, working with dogs was very much at the top of my list as they have always been very close to my heart. This redirection of profession has easily been the best change I’ve done in & towards my life.

My future plans are simple – to carry on working with dogs as a dog walker. I feel that I now have my dream job / career, so I therefore see no reason to change this! I have already met so many wonderful dogs that I’d be heartbroken to not have them in my world anymore.


Using my personal experiences with dogs as a basis, I have learned significantly more about the world of dogs while being trained and working under & with Gen & Jon Parsons who ran The Sudbury Dog Company and still continue to work with dogs. Gen in particular has a vast knowledge & history of working with dogs, and her teachings really opened my eyes to more advanced levels of canine psychology and behaviours, including looking at not only what dogs do, but why they do what they do, and how to influence change if required – all in an effective and humane manner. To further my own knowledge, I attended an IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) conference in mid-2017 which expanded my understanding of dog behaviours & training techniques even more. I read highly recognised literatures of dog behaviours & training when I can, and have also studied literature of business practices specifically tailored to dog walking. Throughout my experiences of dog walking I have combined recognised theories & practices with my own approach & practices – resulting in what I regard to be a highly refined and functional service & having very good relationships with the dogs in general. I am consequently very confident in my understanding & abilities to undertaking sizable groups for off-lead walks in an effective, safe, and fun manner.